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Postboks 6285 Sluppen
NO-7489 Trondheim
Phone: +47 73598600
Fax: +47 73598611
KITH – Norwegian Centre for Informatics in Health and Social Care

KITH is a limited company owned by the Ministry of Health and Care Services (70%), Ministry of Labour (10.5%) and the The Norwegian Association of Local and Regional Authorities (19.5%). The company was formed in 1990.

KITHs mission statement is: Information Technology for improved Health and Social Care.

The company was formed to contribute to coordinated and cost-efficient application of information technology in the Health and Social Care sector.
KITH has 5 focus areas:

  • Codes and terminology
  • Electronic Information exchange
  • Information security
  • Electronic Health Record systems (EHR)
  • Digital imaging systems/ radiology.

Approximately 50% of the activity is standardisation and coordination activities related to the above areas. The other 50% are contracts (projects) within the same focus areas for health and social care authorities and providers. KITH has (2005) approximately close to 30 employees, and its main location is in Trondheim.

KITH takes part in international standardisation work; primarily CEN, in EU programs, and participates in various Nordic and European networks.

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