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Te@mwork 2007 - Electronic Cooperation in the Health and Social Sector


National strategy 2004 – 2007 for Norway
Ministry of Health and Care Services
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The health and social sector produces and is dependent on large amounts of information. Appropriate use of information and computing technology is essential for high quality and effectiveness. Successful use of ICT involves securing speedy and reliable exchange of information between cooperating partners in the sector. This involves seeing ICT development in relation to developments in organization and work processes. In order for ICT in the health and social sector to be good, contributions need to be coordinated and to pull in the same direction. Therefore a national strategy is needed.

Te@mwork 2007 is the national strategy for ICT development in the health and social sector for the period 2004-2007. The strategy shall give direction and continuity to ICT development in the sector. The vision for the work is that patients and clients shall experience continuity of care when using the services.

Te@mwork 2007 gives higher priority to certain challenges than to others. The fundamental idea behind the strategy is that things shall be done properly rather than halfway. Therefore the national strategy will have two main priority areas.

The first main priority area involves improving the flow of information in the sector. This presupposes working with infrastructure, information structure, information security, electronic patient records, exchange of electronic messages and access to professional support. These areas have been chosen for two reasons. First, a characteristic of these areas is that electronic interaction between different actors and applications is essential. Second, it is important to secure vitality for the common applications that are being established within these areas.

The second main priority area involves greater inclusion of new actors in electronic interaction in the sector. So far electronic interaction has mainly been developed between health enterprises, general practitioners and the National Insurance Service. Patients, clients and relatives, pharmacies and municipal health and social services are actors that must be included more closely in the interaction. These actors have been given priority on the basis of ICT maturity and the need for electronic interaction with areas that have already been developed.

The strategy shall be implemented with the aid of annual plans that specify measures within the two priority areas. Strategies have already been developed for some areas and for some parts of the sector. This applies particularly to the overall ICT strategy for the health enterprises and the strategy for the further development of the National Health Network.

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