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ICPC-2e fundamentals

International Classification of Primary Care 2nd edition, electronic version

WHAT is icpc

ICPC (International Classification of Primary Care) is a clinical coding system developed by the Wonca International Classification Committee, WICC. Wonca is the World Organization of Family Doctors.

accessibility and ownership

ICPC is copyright property of the World Organization of Family Doctors (Wonca).  ICPC is available in both printed and electronic form.

ICPC is available in book form from Oxford University Press (OUP): ICPC-2-R. International Classification of Primary Care. Revised Second Edition. Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2005.

The electronic version, ICPC-2e,  is available from this web site. Commercial or national use requires a formal licence from Wonca. See Policy on copyright and licensing.

brief version history

The first version of ICPC published in 1987 is referred to as ICPC-1. The version in the 1993 publication “The International Classification of Primary Care in the European Community: With a Multi-Language Layer” is known as ICPC-1.

The second version from 1998 is referred to as ICPC-2.

ICPC-2e is an electronic version from year 2000 of the revised and corrected chapters 10 and 11 of the ICPC-2 book.

A new version numbering system was introduced by the WICC Update group in November 2005, see Version Numbering document. The latest version of ICPC-2e will always be available at this web site, see the download section.

revision  and update

ICPC-2 is produced and revised by the Wonca International Classification Committee, WICC. The full revision cycle is currently 11 years, however, mapping to other classifications may be reviewed at shorter intervals to adjust for changes in other classifications and changed usage.

See the Update support section of this web page for information about where to address questions and comments regarding use and update of ICPC-2e.


ICPC has been translated into the following languages, and ICPC-2 into some of them:

Azeri Dutch Icelandic Romanian
Basque English Indonesian Russian
Castillian Finnish Italian Serbian
Catalan French Japanese Slovenian
Czech German Maltese Spanish
Chinese Greek Norwegian Swedish
Croatian Hebrew Polish Turkish
Danish Hungarian Portuguese Vietnamese

See the ICPC-2 translations page.

this web sitE

KITH maintains this web page on behalf of WICC.  This web page contains the latest version of ICPC-2e.

other www information sources

Information about ICPC history, background, member countries etc. can be found on the WICC web pages.
The following two web sites should be consulted for historical interest only, as they do not contain an updated version of ICPC-2e:
Last updated: 02.11.2010
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WICC - Wonca International Classification Committee
Wonca - World Organization of Family Doctors
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