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Invitation to submit URLs to ICPC-2e translations


We would like to publish URLs to national versions (translations) of ICPC-2 on this website. This includes links to pagers if there is no full translation to your language (this is the case for Maltese). If you have an ICPC-2 web site with information about ongoing translation work or how to obtain an electronic version that is not accessible on the Web, this URL can also be published.

In order to ensure the quality of the URLs submitted, the URL should be submitted through the national WICC contact person. This means, we will only publish URLs that are sent to us from national WICC contacts. If there is no WICC contact in your country, please contact one of the other WICC contacts. There is a list of WICC contacts in the ICPC-2 brochure. If you can't find contact information to one of the WICC contacts through other channels, please use one of the email addresses in the Update support section of this web site.

In order to publish your URL we need the following information:

  • An URL to a national ICPC-2 site, an ICPC-2 translation or pager. You can submit more than one URL.
  • The language of the translation and the country/countries where it is being used.
  • The name, e-mail, phone number and affiliation of the person responsible for maintaining the translation and the URL
  • What version of ICPC-2 it was translated from (see the WICC version numbering document for correct version numbering)

KITH is responsible for maintaining and ensuring the quality of  this web site and might without notice remove URLs that are not working. We will if possible get in touch with the person/s responsible for an URL before any such action.

Last updated: 02.11.2010

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